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Welcome to Fossil Cavern


First opened in 2004, we are a specialist Fossil and Crystal retailer.

We stock an impressive selection to suit everyone from pocket money pieces to museum quality specimens,alongside jewellery and associated giftware.




Our range of fossils, minerals and crystals include many unusual pieces

for the amateur or more experienced collector. We travel extensively to

obtain the best quality specimens at competitive prices.

From Ammonites to Dinosaur Eggs, Amethyst to Sapphires - almost

anything can be obtained, so if you are searching for a particular item

please contact us with your requirements and if it is not in stock then we

will try to source it for you from one of our many worldwide suppliers.

We also stock a wide range of children's educational items - fossil and mineral packs and booklets, dinosaur toys and games and the exciting dinosaur model range by CollectA, one of the finest ranges made, including many that we import ourselves as they are not available in the UK!





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